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We Real Cool

Director: Ryan Darbonne
Writers: Ryan Darbonne and Carina Hinojosa
Producers: Michelle Millette and Miguel Valarino Salazar

Told in three intersecting stories, over the course of one day, WE REAL COOL follows a group of black and brown musicians as they prepare to play a POC punk festival. The stories center on a failed musician searching for his lost van, two strangers on an awkward road trip from Denton to Austin, and a Mexican punk band on the verge of a complete breakdown.

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Written/Directed by Ryan Darbonne
Producers: Morgan Davis, Mase Kerwick, MIguel Valarino Salazar
Cast: Audrey Campbell, Jonathan K. Horstmann, Greg Williams
Short Film

On their last day of tour, a black punk band find themselves in awkward, surreal and life-threatening situations with an ignorant cast of characters.